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At PRO we understand outsourcing call center work has a dramatic influence on the growth of your company. It takes the stress and risk away when beginning or scaling campaigns, and leaves you with the knowledge that your company is growing in the hands of dedicated and experienced staff.

By outsourcing your calls, you are leaving an important part of your company in the hands of professionals who are trained to increase your business’ operating efficiency.

Is outsourcing right for your business?

Outsourcing your call center needs has a variety of benefits for your growing business. From constant support to the training and hiring of staff, we handle all facets of customer service in a way that will reflect favorably on your company’s image and subsequent results.

Training and hiring staff is a time consuming, and often-tedious process, which can take up valuable company time and resources. Our staff undergoes intensive and rigorous training for one month, followed by continuous support in every area. By outsourcing your call center needs, you are leaving the hiring and training process in the hands of seasoned professionals with years of experience. We pride ourselves in our ability to successfully train and manage staff that represents your company’s best interests.

With that in mind, we are able to undertake the risks that come with retaining clients and handling your client base. Years of experience in inbound and outbound sales means that our team will produce results whatever the campaign. With your goals in mind we are able to tailor our team to fit your needs.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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It Manager

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Our customers range from local and international business, all of whom have different requirements. While every one is unique they all share common challenges and goals – a desire for simple, secure and smart solutions that reduce complexity and risk.

“The quality of their return is generally very high and they have been able to propose solutions in several instances that were higher quality than my own solutions.”

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“If it will help a friend or business, I would recommend PRO. Good communication and regular updates on projects.”

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“Probably the next number one outsourcing solution on the market. Very well structured, updates are regular and consistent, technical support always available.”

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“A pleasure to deal with. Couldn’t be happier with the service. ”

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